Mauviel Copper Jam Pan

Mauviel Copper Jam Pan

We love Mauviel copper preserving pans -- so much, in fact, that they're all we use to make our jams! These pans are made in France, and are made of copper and hammered by hand. Their shape is perfect for quick moisture evaporation and prevents boiling over, copper provides even heat distribution and doesn’t react with the fruit-sugar mixture, and many people (including us) believe that the copper helps enhance the flavor of the jam.

We are pleased to offer the size we had in mind when writing the recipes in The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, with a diameter of 14.17 inches and an 11.5-quart capacity. This size is what we recommend for the home jam maker. 

These gorgeous pans are non-refundable. Please take care to read the instructions included in your jam pan box!

For the home jam maker who is serious about taking their craft to the next level, we can recommend no product more highly than these Mauviel copper preserving pans!

Please note: Each pan is uniquely crafted and may exhibit a variance in patina. This will not affect the pan's resilience or abilities! Over time, it is natural for copper to alter in color. Any superficial blemishes or smudges are easily removable with copper polish.