Marmalade Lovers' Gift Set

Marmalade Lovers' Gift Set

The perfect gift for the marmalade-obsessed

Do you know someone who just LOOOVES marmalade? If so, our Marmalade Lovers' 2-Pack is the perfect gift! The marmalades in this pack vary from season to season; right now, we are featuring two of our all-time top sellers:

  • 7-Citrus Marmalade: The essential citrus-lovers' marmalade, this beauty contains several different types of citrus pieces, all hand-cut and suspended in a shimmering jelly. This is a medium-cut marmalade that is perfect for toast.
  • Birch Bark Marmalade: An unusual and haunting Valencia orange marmalade infused with root beer liqueur, this marmalade has a caramelly warmth that will brighten up many a chilly winter's morn!

Gift-wrapped with our signature wrapping paper, which matches the endpapers of our Beard Award-nominated Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, this special holiday set is the perfect way to give marmalade to those who love it!