Cheese Lovers' Gift Set

Cheese Lovers' Gift Set

The perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life!

Love cheese? Know someone who does? Find true bliss when you pair your favorite cheese with its soul mate: jam! For a special combo price, you'll receive one jar each of:

  • Grape Conserve with Ginger & Spiced Figs: Our secret recipe, this super-delicious jam features fig, grape, and pear, plus candied ginger and a host of spices. This is THE perfect jam for cheese!
  • Beet Marmalade: This delicate marmalade has a mellow apple-lemon jelly studded with finely grated beet throughout. Mild and subtly savory, this is our favorite jam to pair with blue cheese.

Each jar is bubble-wrapped and comes in a gift-wrapped box with our signature wrapping paper, cheese-pairing suggestions, and adorably retro to/from sticker for your gift-giving convenience. Surprise your loved ones and friends with jam this holiday season!